Carrier Network

At KPI Logistics we understand that carriers are the backbone of any successful logistics company. We work towards committed, long-term partnerships with our network of carriers.

Carrier Commitment

KPI Logistics is committed to and values our network of carries as we do our clients. Our multimodal network is very broad and we are continually looking for qualified and dependable carriers to contribute to each other’s success. We believe in quality over quantity in regards to our carrier network, and we work towards committed, successful, long-term partnerships. We understand the demands that carriers face, and by having strong relationships we can help to ensure that each shipment is executed as safely and efficiently as possible for all parties involved.

We take pride in understanding the needs of our carriers. We offer favorable and flexible payment terms and our representatives are available 24/7 to assist in after-hours matters. Our technology assists carriers with streamlining their operations and allows for visibility to significant freight opportunities.