Flatbed Transportation Services

KPI Logistics offers various flatbed services handled by trained experts. Flatbed freight can be challenging due to the size, shape, and weight of the goods along with the many specific requirements that may be needed at the shipper and/or receiver to load and unload the products.

Our experienced network of carriers allows us to find the most suitable carrier for your freight. Our expertise with hauling various types of commodities helps to ensure the safety of each movement.

We offer flatbed consolidation services that can reduce transportation costs by matching your freight with other shippers. If allowed flexibility we can consolidate your freight, offer significant savings and, in many cases, transit times equal to that of standard truckload.

Freight is properly secured in order to avoid damage and prevent accidents on the road. We communicate closely with each shipper to help ensure the proper steps are taken to secure each shipment for transport.  We offer services throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Types of Flatbed Trailers:

  • Standard Flatbed
  • Single-Drop Deck (Step Deck)
  • Double-Drop
  • Low-Boy (RGN)

Flatbed Commodities:

  • Construction Material, Machinery and Equipment
  • Steel Products, Fabrication Components, Oversized Pieces

Tarping Services:

  • Standard Size: 4’, 6’, 8’
  • Types: Smoke, Lumber, Steel
  • Other accessories: Straps, Ropes, Cords, Coil Racks